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Celebrating Black History Month

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Black History Month is an annual celebration of the history, culture and achievements of African Americans throughout the past, present, and future. The month of February is dedicated to telling these stories and showcasing the many talents, contributions, and influences made by African Americans.


This month and beyond, DDI is dedicated to highlighting our diverse workforce and showcasing the contributions made by our dedicated employees.

Introducing Jasmine and Reynolds Hawkins
Black History Month collage

As we celebrate Black History Month, we are pleased to introduce siblings Jasmine and Reynolds Hawkins. Jasmine is a Manager in our Children’s Residential Program, and Reynolds is a Direct Support Professional in our Children’s Residential Program.


CLICK HERE to read all about their commitment to the DDI family and get a glimpse into their own family’s accomplished history.

Introducing Joseph Muniz
Black History Month collage


We are pleased to introduce Joseph Muniz. Joseph is a team member at our Adult Day Services Program. In addition to being a valued member of the DDI family, Joseph is a talented artist. He created this piece of artwork specifically for Black History Month because of its meaning to him. “It is very important to celebrate Black History Month so we can remember how far we all have come as a nation. That we as the people of the United States are all created equal,” Muniz shared.


CLICK HERE to read about his dedication to DDI and his innovative artistic talents.


Introducing Tivoni Carruthers


Black History Month Tivoni Carruthers


We are pleased to introduce long-time employee Tivoni Carruthers. Tivoni began her journey with the DDI family in April 2001 and is now an Adult Residential Program Manager. Outside of work, she is passionate about cooking and wanted to share a traditional family recipe for greens. “It’s one of my favorites,” Carruthers said. “I love to see how people enjoy what I make.”


CLICK HERE to read about Tivoni’s dedication to the individuals she supports as well as her delicious recipe.


Introducing Maritza Archer


Black History Month Maritza Archer collage


We are happy to introduce Maritza Archer. Maritza has been a part of the DDI Family as the Supported Employment Manager for nearly 13 years and is a valued member of our Diversity & Inclusion Council! Throughout her career, she has 30 years of experience supporting and enriching the lives of people with disabilities. “I enjoy contributing to our individuals’ growth by advocating on their behalf and providing them with ongoing support to help them fulfill their ultimate goal of independence,” said Maritza.


Maritza and her family have made remarkable contributions to their communities and to the world. Her father, Henriot “Boulo” Valcourt, was a world-renowned jazz guitarist for 50 years and her daughter, Leanna Archer, has been a world-famous entrepreneur since the age of nine. We are excited Maritza shared their stories with us, as well as one of her family’s beloved recipes with us!


CLICK HERE to read Martiza and her family’s full story and access her traditional recipe for Griot, Haiti’s national dish.