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May Employee of the Month

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Jonathan is a cook for the Children’s Residential Program and the true definition of a team player. From the moment he clocks in, Jonathan gets right to work. He is constantly on the move and you often see him walking briskly from one house to the next carrying two or three large trays of food in his hands.


Many of our students follow very specific diets due to nutritional or medical needs. Jonathan cooks and delivers these meals exactly as they are prescribed, while still considering the student’s palate.  Thanks to his culinary background, every single plate he prepares is delicious!

Since the stay-in-place orders, many employees have worked from home either part time or full time. Not Jonathan. Jonathan has been here, ensuring our students enjoy the same home-cooked meals they have become accustomed to over the years.


Something as simple as a familiar, home-cooked meal offers our students a little bit of normalcy during an unprecedented time of confusion.



 Employee of the Month April

{May Employees of the Month}




Erica Corso is an exceptional employee who supports her supervisors, teachers, secretaries, students and mainly the teacher assistants. Erica is professional and knowledgeable.  She treats every employee with dignity and respect, and she is always there when someone is in need. During this difficult time, Erica is great support for the teacher assistants to help them with distance learning and continues to assist them. She truly understands and embraces the meaning of teamwork. 


Not only is she a great support system now, she has always been of great support year-round for the employees. She is dedicated, compassionate and hard-working.  Thank you, Erica, for everything that you do for Early Childhood Services.




As the associate director, Meryl is a wonderful supervisor who provides great support to the team.  She is always professional and approachable.  She is a great listener who can be relied on to provide helpful feedback and encouragement.


Meryl is always organized, prepared and knowledgable. She epitomizes collaboration by allowing a forum for the sharing of ideas and providing opportunities for everyone to listen and work together.  She keeps us focused on our goals and embraces the school wide expectations to be safe, kind and responsible by infusing them through the programs. 




Employee of the month March 

 {April Employees of the Month}




Robin has been one of the Children's Day Program's (CDP's) most exceptional Teachers.  Her peers rely on her to be their mentor and leader.  Robin has consistently stepped up to take on additional responsibilities and special projects.  Her role in the CDP pilot program of the ACE curriculum was a great asset.  Robin's flexibility and tireless efforts for her students make her a great CDP Employee of the Month.  Thank you, Robin, for all your years of dedication and service.  




Daria is an outstanding employee that truly goes above and beyond each and every day for our students. Daria is a team player that is always putting our students first. Not only is Daria a phenomenal team player for the Children's Day Program, but she also steps up for other programs, organizing a large donation of face masks and snacks to the Children's Residential Program (CRP) during this time.


Daria has truly stepped up this year to assist in various aspects of the program when needed. Daria's true passion for our students and never-ending dedication to our program makers her "Employee of the Month."



Congratulations! We applaud your commitment to the people supported by DDI and your fellow team members.