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Transportation Spotlight on Donte Blades


Donte started at DDI’s Meadow Glen campus as a regular DSP then moved into the position of assistant manager – he worked in that position for a while until he became a program coordinator. After excelling in that position for approximately three years, he applied for and was promoted to his present position of assistant director of vocational services.


In high school, the human mannequin was a McDonald’s All-Star nominee. Rumor has it that he has the best jump shot this side of the Mississippi (this rumor was started by Donte, of course). Along with all these accolades, Donte Blades is a well-known personal trainer.


Donte also serves as a coach and volunteer for an AAU youth basketball team. Coaching is just the tip of the iceberg of the things that Donte does for these teens. He guides them in everyday life skills, study habits and information that assists them in continuing on to higher education. The majority of these young men come from single-parent homes where the mother is the one raising these young men. As much as he can, Donte offers information and guidance that a typical father would provide. Given the fact that a lot of these teens are minorities, he also serves as a mentor and a role model.


As if this wasn’t enough, Donte also serves as a mentor to some of the agency’s entry-level management staff. He shares his years of knowledge and experience on his own time, and his efforts are well received and appreciated.


Please note that Mr. Blades does all of these things seeking no acknowledgment or praise. He does them as a labor of love and truly believes he owes it to the community.