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The History of Research at DDI

During its history, DDI has participated in a large number of important research projects designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of positive interventions for individuals with autism and related disorders. Many of these early projects were led by Dr. Edward Carr, who was a renowned leader in the field of autism and related disabilities, and affiliated with DDI for over 30 years.


The outcomes of Dr. Carr’s pioneering research in areas such as functional behavior assessment, functional communication training, and positive behavior support provided a foundation for DDI’s approach to educational and intervention methods.


In more recent years, DDI has made an effort to cultivate relationships with other regional researchers, including those from Stony Brook University, Queens College, Hofstra University, Long Island University, St. John’s University, and Fordham University.


Additionally, DDI frequently approves requests from graduate students at these institutions to conduct thesis and dissertation research at DDI.  Studies have included DDI individuals, family and staff.  DDI also strives to promote opportunities for our own employees to conduct research, either independently, or in partnership with regional colleges and universities.