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Welcome to Miss Valerie D'Isernia's Class

Welcome to Unit 8.  Children are learning all about plants by exploring the properties and uses of water, and observing and learning about different kinds of plants.  In the first week, children will learn and identify parts of plants.  In the second week the children will learn about many types of plants.  During these weeks we encourage families to explore their own environments at home. In the final week, we encourage children to learn why plants are important.  
Social Skills will reinforce our school expectations to be kind, safe ,and responsible when dealing with the outdoors.
Some key vocabulary words are: bud, bulb, field, dirt, farm, flower, food, fruit, grass, rain, roots, seed, soil, stem, tree, water, wood, and yard.  
March begins our new unit 7.  This unit is all about water. The children discover where we find water for the first week.  The second week discusses changes in the temperature of the water.  The third week explores sinking and floating of objects in the water. Lastly, the fourth week helps the children understand how water helps us as living things.  
The math curriculum (BB) continues to develop counting skills as well as measuring skills (big, little, tall, short). 
We continue with our "GSFS" writing curriculum and learn to construct the letters T and C.
Socially, children are encouraged to share, take turns and problem solve. 
Unit 6 is about Light.  Families will receive a packet home about the contents of the unit.  Basically, it is about explaining to children the sources of light that surround them.  Some light is natural while some light is artificial.  This unit will explain where light comes from and why we need to have light.  This gives children a sense of the world that surrounds them.  They will also learn about the lack of light and how we can bring light to dark places.
The math curriculum (Building Blocks) will focus on teaching patterns to children and how to recognize patterns in their environment.
The writing curriculum (Get Set for School) focuses upon continuing to learn how letters and numbers are formed so that when a child is ready to write, he/she will have the foundation necessary to do so.  
Transportation is our focus for the month of January.  All means of transportation will be explored.  This helps the children to relate to their communities. Some children ride in cars, some in buses to go to school,  In the community, they notice firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, etc ., as well as traffic signs.  We will be playing a traffic sign bingo game.  In addition we will be preparing for annual assessments for our IEP students, and winter assessments for our Head Start children.  IEP students will be notified by their school districts as to when their annual meetings will take place.  
In the meantime, for our Get Set for School activities, we will be practicing the number 9 using lines and curves.  We will also be practicing writing grasp and our cutting skills.  Math skills will focus upon counting, numbers, and as always we will continue to review shapes.
A packet was sent home to detail al the specifics of our unit this month regarding  transportation. 
It is great to see the children back full time!  Looking forward to a wonderful 2021. Happy New Year!
 The children are learning about the importance of wearing masks while out in public.  They are learning songs and listening to stories about the importance of wearing and tolerating their masks. In addition, the children are learning to social distance while at school through visual supports, sitting in designated spaces, and having the use of their own bins of materials.  
Please send your child in wearing a mask to facilitate this instruction
Welcome families! I am your child's teacher, Miss Valerie.  My assistants are Miss Lauren and Miss Kris.  This is both a challenging and exciting new year.  Many things have changed.  Our children are learning from home as well as in the classroom,  We have an exciting new curriculum that allows for parent participation in learning.  In order to help children be successful, Caregivers need to make sure that children participate in home  learning as well as classroom learning.
The first unit of study focuses upon what is Pre-K. This includes what she/he will learn and do, bring to the classroom community, what else is in a preschool community, what else is in the pre-k program.  A purple bag has been given to each child with materials that he/she needs to help learn at home. You need to come in person to pick up this bag. Remember to log on to your assigned zoom sessions.   Please make sure that you check your email every day for important information about school!
Please don't hesitate to contact me ( or 631-266-4489 with any questions.
Looking forward to working together!
Things to bring to school!
  • Backpack
  • Breakfast AM class
  • Lunch/Snack PM class
  • Complete change of clothing
  • Apropriate clothing for outdoor play
Andrea   6
Chris      19
Dean       27
It is required that if your child is absent, you email me at (valerie.disernia@ddiny.
org) or call the school nurse to report why your child is not coming to school. 
Nurse Laura/COVID Hotline
Your child will be given homework every week. Please make sure that you do the homework page with your child, and return it in the child's homework folder.