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DDI's Adams Avenue Day Program is "Baking for Breast Cancer"

DDI's Adams Avenue Day Program team is holding bake sales (including candles) throughout the month October to raise money for the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition (BBCC), a local organization that provides direct patient services and support to help ease the burdens that breast cancer puts on patients and their families. The BBCC also offers educational programs to encourage healthier lifestyles.

Group at breast cancer bake sale

The team has been invested in breast cancer awareness initiatives since 2008. For the first four years, funds collected from sales were donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  After that time, the team learned about the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition and how their small donation would actually be earmarked for a family going through the breast cancer journey. 

“Early on, I spoke to the individuals about giving back to the community and that this is a way that we can do this.  They clearly understood how the community has supported them and were very willing to give back that year and every year after” commented Adams Avenue Program Manager Jill LeClaire.

Last week, the team stopped by the Hollywood Drive Smithtown Campus to present their sinfully delicious “Take 10” Cookies (which are cookies made with 10 ingredients that have been supported to fight cancer) and beautifully scented candles.

Community Integration Specialist Elizabeth Ripp has worked on this recipe each year with her eight to ten bakers, helping to research and practice measuring, mixing, and baking skills as well as following recipes to ensure products are tastily consistent. They also put their focus on the selling of their cookies and candles to promote the best sales possible.

Ian, one of the team members, is always excited to participate and requests to be put on the schedule for both the baking and the selling of the cookies. His knowledge and pride for the products as well as his enthusiasm for the cause and generally outgoing personality are infectious and a great addition to the team’s endeavors.

Candle salesman

Robyn, another team member, starts reminding the program manager in September that they have to begin preparing for October’s breast cancer awareness month.  She loves being a part of it and baking each year. 

Bakers from DDI and staff at sale

This talented group is passionate about their dedication to helping others and being active, vital community members. Their gifted abilities and commitment to bettering the lives of others are at the heart of this ongoing initiative. We wish them much success as they continue on their mission to help those affected by breast cancer and spread awareness and messages of hope and prevention.