Little boy with black Yankees hat on

Members of Huntington Day Hab Join Local Senior Center

The Center provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Billy and Kenn were given a tour and introduced to many people who were taking advantage of the Center’s activities.

After registration, they sat with some of the members and ate lunch while striking up some conversations. Next, they spent time in the billiards room where they were once again welcomed. Though they decided to watch rather than play a game, the members offered them a table to play a round of pool.

Billy and Kenn then decided to check out the library where Kenn ran into an old friend from his AHRC days. They caught up for a bit then it was off to the Summer Sizzlin’ Beach Party. Billy and Kenn were enjoying the live music that was being played in the cafeteria when Billy was asked to dance. He respectfully declined and told the young lady, “Next time.”

The Huntington Senior Center will offer more chances for new activities and the ability to make new friends within the community.

Bill and Kenn in front of the Huntington Senior Center

The best time for new beginnings is now