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DDI's Knitting/Crocheting Workshop

We were joined by fellow crafters, our superstar knitter Elisabeth, and her mother.

Elisabeth brought typed copies of the pattern she uses to create her baby hats. She also began to instruct participants how to perform basic knitting stitches. But, excelling in yarn crafts is only where her talent begins!

“Her father taught her how to play chess, and he asked her to make something they could keep the playing pieces in,” commented her mother. So, what did Elisabeth do? She independently designed a bag and hand-sewed a perfect little carrier with divided compartments for each set of pieces.  

Elisabeth and her family have been inspired to get a craft room ready for her. She has been busy sorting and organizing her materials in order to optimize her time crafting. Next on her creativity list, crocheting and sewing on a sewing machine.

The afternoon workshop was a fun, educational experience and a great way for the group to spend time together and encourage each other.

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to do this. Are you proud of me, Beth?” asked Elisabeth’s mother.

“Yes, I’m so proud of you,” she replied.

That is an absolute success. We are already looking forward to our next workshop and have added a crocheted octopus for premature infants to the list of projects.

Thank you to all of our crafters and those who have donated supplies to our initiatives and thank you to Knit Picks for their donation of 25 skeins of yarn. Special thanks to Elisabeth and Leslie for sharing their talents with us and bringing the art of knitting to DDI.

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