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DDI Hosts Women’s Health and Wellness Event

The evening offered workshops including Feminine Health and Hygiene, Sexual Exploration, Personal Grooming and Beauty, Abuse Prevention, and Relationships.  Pam Boyle, socialization and sexuality specialist, opened the event with an empowering message about womanhood and self-exploration. 

Dr. Richard Timo, supervising licensed psychologist at DDI stated, “We found consistent needs in the areas of advocacy and abuse prevention, social skills, relationships, and self-stimulation.  We made some recommendations and soon realized that there were also many other related women’s issues that could and should be addressed.  We wanted it to be more than just a training session – something that each individual could experience and participate in learning about themselves and their interests.” A special thanks to Linda Hudson and Jeanann Defeo for their role in coordinating such a memorable evening.

The workshop facilitators represented a diverse background of professionals including nurses, psychologists, and education team members.  The attendees were engaged and participated in workshops and demonstrations related to women’s health.  Sheila Thurman, nursing supervisor at DDI shared, “Education and an open mind are key for all women and especially women with disabilities. It is my goal to have open and honest communication concerning health and wellness with all of our individuals.”

The participation and feedback for this event has been overwhelmingly positive. As a result, DDI’s Adult Residential team is busy planning the Men’s Health and Wellness event for early fall.  Stay tuned for additional information about this event.