Student and teacher at SMART Board

Canstruction at the CRP!

Canstruction is a non-profit organization that hosts a competition each year. Teams come together to create large sculptures out of thousands of cans of donated food that then get judged for the competition and, more importantly, donated to local food banks!

The CRP participated in their own way by designing an image they would construct on-site with donated cans! The children helped to set up drop-off locations at nine different DDI locations. Throughout the month, the children took trips to these locations to pick up the donations and start collecting them for the project.

Picture collage of Canstruction project

Once all of the donations were collected, they used a color-blocking technique to help match the colored cans to the colors in the image that the Recreation Department mapped out for them on the floor. They worked together to create an image of a house that read “DDI CRP” that could be seen from above.

All of their efforts paid off with a beautiful sculpture and over 1,000 cans of food to donate to people facing food insecurity on Long Island!