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Women of Excellence at DDI: Introducing Samantha Alexandre

Samantha Alexandre

Samantha Alexandre
Employee Liaison
Human Resources Department

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we are pleased to recognize Employee Liaison, Samantha Alexandre, or Sam as she is more commonly known.

Sam started at DDI in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant in the Human Resources Department (HR). Her duties included assisting the Director and managers of the HR department and setting up various special events, including the Annual Service Awards. While working at DDI, she finished her bachelor’s degree in English at SUNY, Old Westbury and was later promoted to Employee Liaison. Her dynamic personality and eagerness to help her colleagues certainly represent the HR motto, “We’re here to help.”

Since then, Sam has chaired committees for DSP Week, the Employee Picnic, Employee Holiday Party, Administrative Spirit Week and, most recently, the Employee Involvement Committee.

As Employee Liaison, Sam wears many hats.  She provides employment verifications, employee appreciation initiatives, employee discounts, and is the Relias Learning Management System Administrator. She is the contact person for Human Resources, directing employees with specific concerns to the correct person, often resolving the matter herself.  She is also helpful with password resets and has self-titled herself as “The DDI Trivia and Answer Queen.”

Prior to DDI, Sam worked at Suffolk Community College in the Financial Aid and Career Transfer departments. It was there that she learned tools to further her career at DDI. “I’m able to focus on high-priority tasks and spend extra time helping employees with their individual needs. Although I’m a huge jokester, I am also very analytical, technical and able to figure out complex problems.”

When asked what she likes best about DDI, Sam replied, “The thing I like the most about DDI is the bonds we create as colleagues and friends. We are all working together to improve a limitless excellence at DDI. I love the quality of collaboration we have here and the family culture. I especially love getting to be a part of the new employees’ journey here at DDI. Making them feel welcomed and like a valued member of our agency brings me so much joy.”

When Sam is not at DDI, she enjoys spending time with her two children, Autumn and Ayden, teaching them to always be curious, respectful, and personable, just like her. She is a novice nail technician and enjoys writing and poetry.  She also loves picking up new crafts, including crochet, and enjoys using her Cricut machine. Sam shares these interests with her children.

Fun fact about Samantha Alexandre - her favorite holiday is Halloween. “Everyone at DDI knows my favorite holiday is Halloween and not just because it’s my daughter’s birthday. I love Halloween décor, dressing up, being scared, and celebrating with the kiddos.”

Sam brings qualities of a Woman of Excellence at DDI by bringing out the best in everyone she meets. She listens and is empathetic. “I bring authenticity to DDI. What you see is what you get with me. I am genuine in how I present myself. Everyone receives the same treatment from me regardless of your level at DDI. My life experiences allow me to relate with a diverse group of people. I’m also a people person; I want to know how your day is, how your family is doing, and how work is. Everyone I interact with is special to me.”

When asked about her role model in life, Sam quickly replied, “My late grandmother, Martha Cureton, will forever be my role model. She was a devout Christian who taught me integrity and the value of a true work ethic. She was my greatest supporter and advocate for whatever endeavor I had tried in my life. She encouraged me to pursue my dreams. At 62, she earned her master’s degree in nursing, showing me it’s never too late to start something new.” Sam added, “She taught me honesty and to live a life you can be proud of.”

Lucky for DDI, Sam has followed in her grandmother’s footsteps. Her genuineness, compassion, positivity, and commitment to the mission make her a great addition to DDI’s Women of Excellence.