Group of DDI staff

Women of Excellence at DDI: Introducing Briana Randolph

We will be showcasing female staff members who contribute to our agency’s mission by being people inspired by purpose. No matter the job description, each woman we highlight plays an important role in bettering the lives of the people we support. 

Briana Randolph

DDI is very happy to begin this initiative with Briana Randolph, Information Technology’s Field Service Engineer. 

Briana was at a crossroads in her life when she came to DDI.  While exploring her career options, she was working at a temp agency and was given a short-term assignment in DDI’s IT Department that, luckily for DDI, led to full-time employment.  

As a Field Service Engineer, Briana has been able to expand her expertise in informational technology. “I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a great group of people at DDI who have welcomed me and have guided me. Their continued assistance allows me to work more effectively and efficiently,” says Briana.

She loves that she never experiences the same day twice as she travels to the various DDI buildings and homes to troubleshoot computer issues.  She is also grateful that she has had the ability to expand her skills while working in the different areas and departments throughout DDI.  Briana enjoys being able to work with colleagues capable of operating an agency the size and scope of DDI.  

As the world becomes more and more technology-based, the individuals who receive services at DDI are becoming more reliant on their computers and IPads for communication, learning and entertainment.  Briana loves going into a Children’s Day Program or Early Childhood Services classroom to fix a computer and having the children “help her fix” their devices.   

Briana says, “I believe in believing in people and treating them fairly.  We all come from different walks of life and are uniquely gifted.  You never know how you can touch someone or how you can help redirect them just by showing kindness or sharing a word of encouragement.  Individually it can seem like we may not make a difference at all, but collectively know that wonders can happen.”  

Briana strongly believes that self-confidence is the key to being a woman of excellence.  Her advice to women is to trust and believe in themselves as it will provide them with the energy, determination and the motivation they need to take on daily challenges.   Briana feels that anyone can have an easy day.  However, there are many self-empowering methods and tools that you can apply that can ease the tension/stress that can arise at any given moment. Briana says, “Positive self-talk and talk with others, willingness to be an advocate and having an approachable demeanor are ways I work towards implementing positivity in my life. Remembering to be open and know that you can always learn is something that I’ve also grown and continue to practice.”