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ONLY 10 Days Left: Urge Governor Hochul to Sign the Special Education Tuition Parity Bill

the clock is tickin
The Special Education Tuition Parity Bill S6516A is NOW sitting on Governor Hochul's desk! Our students' future education now hangs in the balance as we wait for her to put pen to paper. 

The Governor has 10 days (not including Sundays) to sign or veto this bill unanimously passed by both houses. Signed bills become law; vetoed bills do not. We need her to know that the DDI family is calling upon her to do the right thing and sign this bill, which would make the funding for special education schools equal to that of public schools - instead of LESS.
Please pick up your phones today and call Governor Hochul to let her know we demand equity for the students we support on a daily basis in our special education preschools and schools - the very same children the public schools were not equipped to serve.

CALL HER OFFICE AT 1-518-474-8390

Skip the wait by selecting prompt 3, and then tap 1 to leave a message.
Tell her to sign the parity bill. Be sure to leave your name and zip code!

Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE for a pre-filled email to the Governor.