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Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Meet Justin

We are honored to introduce Justin B.

Justin was extremely excited to accept a Retail Associate position at Big Lots in Babylon in December 2019. Prior to securing his job, Justin received prevocational services at DDI for one year. These services helped him develop a strong work ethic and the skills necessary to succeed in his current position.

Justin works two to three days a week for a total of 12-16 hours. He works efficiently, ensuring that the product aisles are straightened and items are returned to their proper place on the store shelves. With the support of his Employment Specialist, Justin has established a routine that includes completing the roundup of shopping carts every shift and any additional assigned tasks. He has also learned to repair damaged packages so the products can be sold. Justin has developed a broad knowledge of product placement in the store, which has increased his confidence.

He is always happy to help customers and his coworkers. Recently, a position on the truck crew became available. Justin’s store manager, Victor, immediately thought of Justin and asked him if he would be interested in the opportunity to work more hours during the day. With the encouragement of his father and Employment Specialist, Justin agreed to take the position. This new role has increased his skill set by teaching him to safely stack boxes onto pallets and to stock shelves.

Justin’s managers and coworkers all appreciate his tireless work efforts and dedication. They also appreciate his enthusiastic sense of humor.