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Celebrating Women's Equality Day: Meet Rebecca Peach

Did you know that 81% of DDI’s managers are women? We would like to introduce Rebecca Peach, Assistant Director of Quality Assurance, and share her leadership journey within DDI. 

Rebecca Peach

Position Title:
Assistant Director

Quality Assurance (QA)

Smithtown, NY

15 years, 7 months

When Rebecca began her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, her goal was to become a Hospital Administrator, but an interview at DDI for a Quality Assurance Specialist 1 position almost 16 years ago changed Rebecca’s professional life forever! In 2007, Rebecca was promoted to a Quality Assurance Specialist 2 and became DDI’s Assistant Director of Quality Assurance in 2011.  The Quality Assurance team has grown since Rebecca began her career at DDI from two people to a department of five.  

Rebecca has always wanted to make a difference, to fight for the underdog and give a voice to those who could not speak for themselves --- always with a smile while being true to herself.   Rebecca’s life has been inspired by her grandmother, who helped her write the resume she submitted to DDI for her initial interview.   Rebecca’s grandmother instilled in her that there is equality between men and women and encouraged her to, “Take joy in who you are!”

Rebecca has become DDI’s go-to person when there is a question about regulatory compliance or a quality assurance issue.  Her expertise in this area has also made her a person that DDI’s sister agencies will turn to as a resource for interpreting regulations. 

Rebecca is particularly proud of how DDI, in general, but the QA Department, in particular, has been able to quickly adapt to the continual changes necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. She loves being part of an organization that strives to be above the standards of its industry. One of her many strengths is the ability to examine a program and ensure it is optimized for the utmost success of the men and women it serves.

Rebecca credits Kim James, formerly from the Children’s Day Program, and her supervisor, Jeff MacQuarrie, as her professional mentors for the way they always handle themselves in a professional manner no matter what challenges they are facing.  Jeff, who nominated Rebecca as a leader at DDI, wrote, “Rebecca has provided consistent and strong leadership and training to QA Specialist staff over many years.  Rebecca certainly exemplifies the role of 'Women in Leadership at DDI'.”

Less than a year ago, Rebecca became a mother to a beautiful baby boy.  Rebecca has found parenthood to be a humbling experience.  She has learned that being a mother makes you feel like superwoman one day, and the next day, “It’s like, who left me in charge here?”

When asked what advice she would give to young women starting their careers, Rebecca had several pearls of wisdom to offer including: “Don’t ever assume.  Be open to constantly learn. Listening is important.  Be accountable for your actions and admit when you are wrong.”  And to quote Rebecca’s beloved grandmother, “Be who you are, and enjoy yourself every once in a while!”