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Celebrating Pride Month: Meet Amanda!

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We are pleased to introduce Amanda, a valued member of the DDI family for almost nine years. She is currently a Residential Manager for one of our adult homes. “My favorite part about working at DDI, especially in my role, is being able to make a comfortable home and a way of living for the individuals I care for and the bond that I have created with them,” said Amanda.

She notes that DDI has shown multiple times that you can be who you want to be. There are many committees to help make DDI a better workplace, and she thinks that is so important. It’s also really important to her that she and her team have set up a diverse work environment for staff members, so they can enjoy their jobs.

Group of DDI staff

(DDI Staff Members Pictured L-R: Brianna Mitchell, Joseph Maione, Amanda Harrington, Horacio de Gatica, and Crystal Terry)

Pride Month to Amanda is really special because it is a time when all those who feel like they have to hide who they really are can come out and embrace themselves as everyone else can. “Pride Month also gives a lot of awareness to others about the LGBTQ community. I still remember my first pride parade; it was so liberating and exciting to be with a community and be completely free to be who you are,” said Amanda.

She thinks people can spread awareness by simply letting others know that love is love, and it’s okay to be who you are. “I think that people in this community just need to know they have a safe place within this community and within DDI,” said Amanda.

Thank you, Amanda, for all you do for the adults in your care and their families. We appreciate you sharing your voice and experiences.