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Celebrating Asian American/Pacific Islander Month

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This month and beyond, DDI is dedicated to highlighting our diverse workforce and showcasing the contributions made by our dedicated employees.

We are pleased to introduce Diana Gonzales, a member of the DDI family for the last four years who is currently a Senior Accountant in our Finance Department. Her favorite part about working at DDI is “Being a part of the team who is truly inspired by purpose, especially supporting children and adults with special needs,” Diana said.

Diana has shared with us a recipe for Chicken Adobo that her mother taught her how to make. “There is an unspoken consensus that Adobo is the national dish of the Philippines,” said Diana. “It is a comfort food, and it tastes even better the next day or so.” The dish is fun to cook, and you can also twist the recipe if you prefer the dish to be spicy, salty, or even sweet! 

Chicken Adobo Recipe

Diana also believes that home-cooked meals are great for bonding in a family. Certain dishes give you memories, especially the ones cooked by your mother. Meals are also a wonderful way to share and take part in cultural experiences with one another.

“For me, it is important to celebrate every heritage to understand everyone’s uniqueness and diversity. To promote acceptance instead of hate, to welcome instead of excluding, to show respect instead of racism,” said Diana.

We thank you, Diana, for your years of service to DDI and for sharing your personal stories with us.