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DDI's Supported Employment Program: Meet Peter!

The program is comprised of Employment Specialists who help people with job applications, resumes, and interview skills, as well as providing training and ongoing supports once hired.  Additionally, the Employment Specialist maintains communication with the individual, their employer, family, and other support staff when needed. Natural supports are identified within the workplace and help foster positive relationships between the individual, their employer, and their coworkers.  

Peter also receives services in our Prevocational Program.  Together, the Prevocational Program and the Employment Specialists worked with Peter to identify his skills and interests and helped him to secure his current job. The services supporting Peter also provide ongoing training and support to assist him in increasing his skills and independence once they have secured his place of employment.

Peter has received Supported Employment Services from DDI since October of 2001. He currently works for the Bountiful Co. in Holbrook as a Tray Maker, working four days per week in 4.5-hour shifts. When asked what Peter likes best about his job, he explained, “It is close to my house, and it is fun to do.”  

As a Tray Maker, Peter is responsible for operating the machine that folds cardboard forms into trays to hold filled bottles of supplements. Peter is a hard worker, and his efforts are greatly appreciated by his coworkers.  Along with learning how to operate the equipment he works on, Peter also has learned how to use a utility knife safely and open his locker independently. Peter’s supervisors consistently report that Peter’s job performance is excellent, and they couldn’t be happier to have him on their team.  

We are so proud of Peter’s success. He is a shining example of a diagnosis not defining a person or their abilities. There are great strengths and skills that lie within each and every one of us.