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Congratulations to DDI Employee Nelson Montoya, a New Home Owner!

Nelson has worked for DDI for over 13 years, and this past year he was able to utilize a tremendous benefit that DDI offers to employees. Nelson and Adam decided they wanted to buy a home in celebration of their 10th Wedding Anniversary, and through DDI’s partnerships, they were potentially eligible for down payment assistance up to $26,000 and repairs assistance up to $24,000.

Homebuyers at closing

Purchasing a home is an extensive process, that’s why DDI serves our employees through a partnership with Long Island Housing Partnership, Inc. (LIHP) and Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP). Through this partnership, there is an established program that provides qualified employees assistance to purchase a home on Long Island. DDI joined this program in 2006 to ensure that staff can apply to receive financial assistance and housing counseling. 

Nelson shared with us, "My favorite thing about working for DDI is working with the individuals and making sure they are safe and enjoying the most of their life! Thank you to DDI for participating in the EAHP program and helping my dream of owning a home become a reality. While the program comes with stipulations and a great deal of paperwork, it did give us peace of mind and valuable knowledge on the house-buying process." 

New house

In addition to Nelson and Adam, 28 DDI Families have closed on a home utilizing this program. If you are interested in this program, the application is on the employee portal. The application should be completed and returned to our Jr. HR Generalists for processing with the LIHP. Once the application is submitted, the employee will work directly with LIHP on the additional information and requirements for the program. To qualify for the program, employees must have 6 months of continuous employment with eligible status, must have satisfactory performance standards, active upon filing the application, and remain employed following 36 months after closing on their home.

For more information on the program, please contact the HR Team at 631.366.2964.