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Stephanie Vitarelli Awarded National Credentials

One of the crucial elements of this process is grant writing, an initiative led by Stephanie Vitarelli, DDI’s Development Writer and Researcher. Stephanie joined DDI in May 2020, and she writes grants, completes applications, and manages the often-lengthy grant submission process. “I love that I can use my passion for writing and creativity to benefit the children and adults supported at DDI as well as the employees who work here,” said Stephanie.

To enhance her skillset, Stephanie recently completed the Certified Grant Writer® Series through the American Grant Writer’s Association, Inc. The Association is dedicated to enhancing the professional standards and ethical practices of grantseekers and grant managers through education, certification, networking, and professional growth. After rigorous study and passing national certification exams, she was awarded Certified Grant Writer® credentials for her proficiency in grantseeking.

Stephanie Vitarelli

We congratulate Stephanie on her grant writing achievements and certification, and look forward to the vital resources she and the team continue to secure, to benefit the children and adults we support as well as our dedicated workforce!