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Early Childhood Services Learns About Transportation

In their lessons, students explore how people move from place to place using all different methods of transportation. The unit provides opportunities for children to observe objects in their environment through hands-on activities in the classroom. 

Students learning about traffic signsKim Matthews’ class in Ronkonkoma participated in a traffic sign scavenger hunt. Ms. Kim read a book called Road Signs by JoAnn Early Macken. The book further enhanced the transportation lesson. Ms. Kim also had a scavenger hunt to go along with this lesson. While one student helped Ms. Sandra place different road signs around the classroom, everyone else received a scavenger hunt sheet with pictures of the signs. Each child hurried around the room looking for the proper sign to mark off on their sheet. They were very excited when they found each picture!  

This scavenger hunt activity had the students working on their fine motor development, reading sight words, learning new vocabulary, sharing materials, learning positional terms, problem-solving, building teamwork, and getting some good exercise for the body and mind! 

Boy playing with trucks

After the scavenger hunt, the students sat down to build their own version of a city with toys and blocks!  They used the pictures of the traffic signs to direct the cars, trains, and boats to tell them to go, stop, slow down, turn left or right.  They took turns pushing the vehicles in “the town” and being the “traffic directors.”  

This Transportation lesson is a great teaching experience for the students and is certainly getting our future drivers ready for the road!