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Clarabelle Joins the DDI Family


Clarabelle the Cow

During this year-long experience, the Discovery Dairy Program will send photos and stories about the cow’s life on the farm. Students will learn about where she lives, how the farmer takes care of her, and the milk she creates for the farm. Activity sheets, PowerPoints, and suggested lessons about the farm that follow the Common Core standards are also included.  

The host family is the Chittenden Family at Dutch Hollow Farm. The farm is located in Schodack Landing, New York.  It is a 2,000-acre farm where they care for 750 milking Jersey cows. The farm also has a Dairy Discovery Center, which is currently closed due to COVID. In February, the class will have the opportunity to virtually connect with Dutch Hollow Farms and their farmers to ask any questions. 

Barn station in classroom

They have a barn, a stuffed cow, and information about the calf on display in the classroom. The children have been learning about farms by interacting with the classroom display and completing craft activities.  

We look forward to learning about the calf’s development over the next year and seeing all the knowledge the students gain from this program. We are excited to welcome Clarabelle to the DDI family!