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Celebrating National Disability Awareness Employment Month: Spotlight on Darrel C.

We are honored to introduce Darrel C. Darrel is a kind, enthusiastic young man that has been part of our DDI family since he began receiving Supported Employment Services in 2007.

Our Supported Employment Service is committed to assisting people with disabilities find, secure and maintain jobs in their community that fit their needs, interests and experience.

Darrel is an accomplished gentleman who is a Certified Teacher’s Aide for the Deer Park School District for the last fourteen years and is also an author. He enjoys his job and is always willing to assist where he is needed.

He has worked in classrooms supporting children with special needs and has assisted in the school library. Since the reopening of school, Darrel monitors the hallways and bathrooms to ensure that everyone adheres to the safety protocols in place to keep everyone safe from the spread of Covid-19.

Darrel loves his job at Deer Park School District because he enjoys working with children, he feels blessed, happy every day, and hopes to make a difference in their lives. It is evident when walking the halls with Darrel that he is well-liked and appreciated by his coworkers and the children he supports.

On February 26, 2020, Darrel received the Hats off Award for his outstanding work. The DDI Vocational team was in attendance to congratulate him on this accomplishment.

Darrel grew up on Long Island and has always wanted to be a writer. He has written two children's books, The Happy Frog (2012) and Millie the Special Chicken (2017). He is currently working on his third book. Darrel says the third book will be a chapter book. Additionally, he enjoys traveling, fishing, reading, astronomy, coin collecting and theatre. Darrel wants to write children’s books for the rest of his life and has a dream to one day write a play.