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Adult Day Services Virtual Learning Opportunities

A popular offering is our Creative Cooking sessions.  In this session, the people we support follow simple recipes using tasty ingredients while learning all about the basic food groups, origin of foods, kitchen safety, science, math, and ultimately how to prepare the dishes.

Virtual Cooking collage

Other courses available include:


Live archery instruction offered to help build focus and confidence.  Learn proper breathing techniques, focus, hand-eye coordination and confidence to name a few. 

Brain Dance

A meditative sequence of stretching and movement that is meant to stimulate the brain and can act as a calming technique as well. It follows the 8 basic movement patterns we learn from birth to one year of life: Breath, Tactile, Core Distal, Head Tail, Upper Lower, Body Side, Cross Lateral, and finally Vestibular (Circular). It can improve body awareness within oneself, spatial awareness around each other, balance and movement in general.

Communications: Current Events

This group will consist of discussing current events via News To You and the Unique Learning System, asking and answering questions related to the story read aloud, going over the weather by using an interactive website, as well as increasing functional vocabulary by identifying picture symbol cards in a field of 2-3.

Heather’s Zoom Tunes

An interactive musical experience for individuals to join in and have fun with 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Pop music.  A definite must for music lovers of all ages!


Hydroponics vs. traditional vegetable growing.  Learn the difference between both of these growing mediums. 


Class starts with a brief 5- to 10-minute warm-up that transitions into a breakdown of some basic jazz steps and then a quick routine. The class also offers participants routine instruction of different variations of jazz (Fosse, Musical Theater, Sassy) set to different songs corresponding with each style.

Job Club

An interactive look into the world of work and what it takes to be successful.  Discussion is focused on the necessary tools and strategies available for those seeking employment or who just want to become more familiar with the steps necessary to prepare to enter the workforce.


An interactive experience focused on learning about mindfulness.  Mindfulness exercises will be led by our team focusing on feelings and strategies for coping during the coronavirus.

Music Club

Learn about various types of music, musical instruments, famous musicians and musical groups!


Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness


Family Testimonials


Andrew and Thomas Holmes and Their Mother, Ellen

“DDI's virtual learning platform has been extremely helpful during our quarantine. Logging into the Zoom activities each day has helped Andrew and Thomas maintain the skills of attending to others, answer questions, and tolerating exposure to non-preferred or novel tasks.

The structured Zoom sessions help fill their days, which would go by slowly if they were sitting at home without things to do. We are thankful to all DDI staff for running excellent Zoom sessions during this pandemic!“

The Holmes Family


Michael Roberto and His Mother, Deborah

"Michael looks forward to his time working in the kitchen during his zoom cooking classes with Rachel. We make sure to buy the exact ingredients the class calls for so he can do what the group is doing. 

It gives him an opportunity to see some of his peers from the program as well as make some delicious foods he gets to eat. Michael has tried a variety of zoom classes and has chosen some sessions he can engage in and continue to learn and grow.

Although Michael misses his friends and program he knows he can sign in to these sessions and continue to get some of the services he enjoys while attending DDI."


Families can CLICK HERE to get Zoom instructions and activity schedules.