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New Guidance from OPWDD on Family Visitation to Group Residences

Yesterday afternoon, OPWDD issued new guidance on family visitation to group residences.  As we have with all previously issued guidance’s coming to us from various State regulatory authorities, DDI will be adhering to these new procedures to the best of our ability.
Click below to view the visitation parameters that DDI will now be required to follow:
We continue to believe that on-site visits by families to DDI residences can be an effective means of maintaining close contact with loved ones, and DDI will continue to do all that it can to try to ensure that each on-site family visit to its residences, will provide the maximum amount of benefit to families and their children. We appreciate the continuing support, understanding and cooperation of all of our families as we navigate these unprecedented times. As soon as additional visitation permissions become available, we will let you know.