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Protecting Our Residents

March 17, 2020

To All Families of Children and Adults Living in DDI Residences:

Effective today at 5:00 PM, all day programs certified by OPWDD have been ordered to suspend services until further notice.  This step has been taken in response to the present COVID-19 public health crisis.  Closing of day services means that during the weekday hours the adults who normally attend day programs will be supported in the IRAs or ICFs in which they reside.  Similarly, our children within the CRP have been supported within their residences since yesterday’s closure of schools ordered by Suffolk County, and reinforced today by the Governor’s school closure order.

Our residences are facing unprecedented pressure to ensure the health and safety of the people who live with us, and the COVID-19 public health crisis is making that challenge even more daunting.

In order to lessen the risks to our adult and student residents, and the risks to our vital staff who support them in these homes, until further notice we are implementing the following health and safety measures for all adult and children’s residences:

  • Visitors within any DDI residence will be prohibited, unless the purpose of the visit is for end of life support.  This measure will reduce community traffic into our residences and reduce the risk of infection being brought into the living spaces.
  • Visits to families’ homes, or family excursions including any DDI resident will not be permitted.  This measure will ensure that our resident has not been exposed to a potential source of infection while outside the supervision and oversight of DDI.

For those families who feel it is in their best interest, or the best interest of their loved one to reside at their own home rather than with DDI, we will accommodate that request with the understanding that the resident’s return will not be possible until the current COVID-19 threat has passed.  In time, if testing becomes readily available to demonstrate the resident has tested negative for COVID-19, earlier return to the residence may be an option. 

DDI seeks the understanding, cooperation and support of all DDI families during this exceptionally challenging time as we endeavor to fulfill our most important goal, to protect the health and safety of your loved ones to the best of our ability.


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Executive Director