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DDI Film Forum Returns



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DDI staff and the entire community of movie lovers can look forward to more topical, engaging, award-winning films beginning this month.  Each film deals with the challenges of facing life with a disability – or the feeling of being somehow ‘different’ in the world for any other reason.  Presentations are FREE and include refreshments and popcorn!

Following each film, there will be a facilitated discussion. Film themes cover such topics as first-time independence, devastating misdiagnosis, abandonment, isolation as well as personal triumph and transcendence. DDI’s film forum is thoughtfully tailored to provide entertainment and information while exploring preeminent issues faced by individuals with disabilities.

Our selections (with trailers) are as follows:

Autism in Love Tuesday, Sept. 24th at 7 pm

Life, Animated  Wednesday, Oct. 30th at 6 pm

Idiocracy Thursday, Nov. 21st at 5 pm

A synopsis for each of the above films can be found on the DDI website calendar.  All film presentations will be held in DDI’s Hollywood Drive Lecture Hall, located at 99 Hollywood Drive, Smithtown.

* Please call Dr. Michael Romas at 631-366-5875 for a detailed description of each film - and be sure to RSVP by phone or via e-mail to


Michael Romas PhD

99 Hollywood Drive

Smithtown, NY 11787