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Field Day Fun at DDI's Children's Day Program

The students at the Huntington campus spent the day enjoying water play activities, an obstacle course, the parachute, bounce equipment, throwing and catching exercises, hopscotch and more.  The music and art teachers provided an array of musical instruments for the students to enjoy and creative art activities throughout the day.

Amy Lillis, the physical education teacher, commented, “The classroom and support staff was a tremendous help throughout the day and it was truly a success.  It was the perfect way to end such a hardworking summer.”

Students at the Hollywood Drive campus enjoyed another Summer in ParaDDIse.  This year, students prepped for their annual Field Day with a history-centered theme.  In the classroom, students studied events from the distant past to recent times. 

On the field, students participated in the one-lap run (fitness), basketball shooting (athletic skills), and the tennis ball scatter (for teamwork and cooperation). 

In the end, the “Pirates” of room 27 captured the first place trophy and added it to their masses of treasure.  The “Eighties” of Room 13 scored 85 points to earn the second place trophy.  The “Sixties” hippies from Room 28 experienced peace, love, music and the third-place trophy.  All participants received a special awards medal. 

Congratulations to all!