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Discovering the Facts: What's Your Hypothesis?

Topics of interest were explored as a traditional science experiment, while others offered ideas for research. Each classroom selected a science topic and submitted a poster board project for the fair.

“The Science Fair provides both staff and students an opportunity to try something new and learn about a topic of interest in greater depth.   It promotes rapport building and teamwork amongst all participants," commented Michelle Vitalino, curriculum coordinator.

Involving students in enrichment activities enhances the classroom learning experience in ways you can never predict. The students benefit not just from scientific learning, but also the social aspect of the event.

CDP Science Fair 2019 collage

Experiments this year included identifying how germs spread, what ingredient mixed with baking soda and vinegar cause the greatest reaction and does adding iron filaments to slime make it magnetic?

Here are some of the results:

Question: How do germs spread?

Conclusion: Germs spread quickly through contact and it can be tough to get them off.

Question: Which mixture of baking soda and vinegar has the greatest reaction?

Conclusion: Baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap have the greatest reaction.

Question: Will adding iron filaments to slime make it magnetic?

Conclusion: Yes, we created magnetic slime.

Science Fair posters

If you are interested in learning more about science project ideas, visit Science Buddies. This website provides information about project ideas, a guide to completing your science project, as well as resources for teachers, parents, and students.