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Tune in Tomorrow at 10 AM to DDI on Autism - 103.9 FM

Be sure to join my conversation with Art Gallery Assistant, Jaqueline Stevens for a behind the scenes preview of this upcoming gallery event. Learn how working in diverse mediums including but not limited to oil, watercolor, acrylic, clay, and even digital photography affords DDI artists on the autism spectrum a wide and robust ‘palette for expression’.

DDI’s Main Street Masterpieces is the ‘real deal’, an urban gallery here on Smithtown’s Main St. that rivals any you would find in a major metropolis. There are many considerations and preparations that must be put in place for a major event. Hear the inside story! The opening reception (see below) will be filled with the thoughtful and inspired works of gifted abstract expressionists, sharing a bit of their inner lives through art!

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Heard every Saturday at 10:00 am on LI News Radio 103.9, ‘DDI on Autism ‘is a 30-minute show that shares and explores all relevant issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is dedicated to the thousands of people on Long Island who live and work with the condition on a daily basis.

Join host Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Michael Romas, as he engages New York’s leading autism professionals in thought-provoking conversation to inspire, inform, and support families and individuals living with autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Michael Romas is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been involved in the support and treatment of persons with developmental disabilities for more than 30 years. His diverse experience brings a unique perspective from multiple domains inclusive of treatment education options. Explore early childhood issues, planning for adulthood, school and community opportunities, and the many general issues that can help guide and facilitate an understanding of ASD diagnosis and its many implications for Long Islanders.

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