Group of DDI staff

Accessible Gardening Comes to DDI Residence

When visiting the various DDI locations, you will find individuals hard at work planting seeds in the Aeroponic Tower Gardens, tilling the soil in the ground garden beds and transferring plants from the Meadow Glen greenhouse. This year, DDI created a new type of garden bed in one of their residences that promises to bring vibrant colors and plentiful produce.

Matt LaValle, program manager from DDI’s Adult Residential Without Walls (WOW) Program worked with Tommy L., an individual supported by DDI, to construct an accessible garden box for the German Boulevard residence.  Their goal was to create an inclusive garden spot where all residents could come together and enjoy a shared hobby outdoors.

Wheelchair accessible garden collage

Tommy L. is a resident at the German Boulevard IRA and assisted in purchasing the materials and designing this exciting new addition to the house. Several of the residents who live in the German Boulevard IRA have mobility issues, and use supports such as a wheelchair or gait belt. 

Matthew LaValle, program manager of the Without Walls program, commented, “This garden box will allow those in wheelchairs to access the garden bed and prevent those with gait-belts from having to bend or kneel.” Mr. LaValle added, “many of the individuals at the German Boulevard IRA enjoy time outside gardening and incorporating the produce they harvest into meal preparation.”

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