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Spreading Our Wings Outside of the Classroom

The Butterfly Experience brings the growth cycle of a butterfly to life in their brightly colored, portable habitat.  “Young children thrive when we create learning experiences that pique their curiosity and promote engagement,” commented Tara Borner, education behavior specialist at DDI.  “As part of the living things science curriculum, the educational team wanted to enhance learning to be experiential and fun.  The Butterfly Experience did exactly that.”

Butterfly photo collage

The students visited the Butterfly Experience with their classmates and were able to get up close with the butterflies in their natural habitat.  Many of the children held feeding sticks and watched the butterflies eat within inches from their hand.  The children were amazed when one of the butterflies laid eggs on a nearby leaf.  This reinforced a natural teaching opportunity to review the life cycle and what would happen next.

Butterfly collage 2

“One of my students was anxious about entering the butterfly habitat.  The team from the Butterfly Experience were incredibly patient, and ultimately he entered the tent and didn’t want to leave,” commented Jennifer Aragones, preschool teacher. 

What's next for the Early Childhood students at DDI?  Stay tuned because after weeks of careful care, the quail eggs are ready to hatch, and we can't wait to share the photos!