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Students Unveil Colorful Rock Garden at DDI's Smithtown Campus

The Children's Day Program Rock Garden was inspired by Michelle D'Errico, the art therapist at DDI." Another school had created a rock garden, and when I saw it I felt that the students at DDI should have the same opportunities as students in public school, “commented Ms. D'Errico. 

As part of the art classes offered at DDI’s school program, students were responsible for creating their rock masterpiece.  Some students came up with their unique design or pattern while others were provided visual support templates to choose their color palette and design.  The hope is that each student will create and contribute a rock to the garden before graduation. 

More than 90 students in the Smithtown campus carefully crafted their rock for the garden.  “While it not exclusively for the graduates, the idea of the rock garden was to provide students and their families a chance to come back and visit and always have a piece of their creativity from their school years on display," added Ms. D'Errico.

Rock Garden collage

Families and visitors are encouraged to visit the CDP Rock Garden which is located adjacent to the main entrance at 99 Hollywood Drive in Smithtown.