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Four of DDI's Finest Student Artists Impress at the NYSATA Portfolio Project Initiative

The Portfolio Project is an authentic tool assessment tool that is based on The New York State Learning Standards and provides students with an opportunity to present portfolios of their work at regional adjudication sites.  The student portfolio provides evidence of understanding and student learning in the visual arts.
Each of the students participated in the Commencement Level Portfolio which is designed for students taking foundation level coursework in the arts.  This portfolio is designed to demonstrate the refinement of basic skills, exploration of new mediums, ideas, and interpretations.  
Elisabeth, Zane, Michael, and Jakks prepared their portfolios over several months using paints, markers, textures, and creativity.  Each artist's portfolio included a Self Portrait, Resource-Based Artwork, and Student Choice Artwork.  Each student presented their portfolio project at the designated adjudications center. The portfolio project judges, who are visual arts teachers trained by NYSATA, perused the stunning pieces and engaged with the students to understand the inspiration for their choices.  
NYSATA Collage
At the conclusion of the Portfolio Project, each student received a perfect score on their portfolio.  "I am so proud of my students.  They each worked so hard and took pride in their accomplishments," stated Michelle D'Errico." These opportunities are made possible because of the help of the parents to accompany their child to these events and support them through the process."