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Act Now: Hundreds of Preschoolers with Disabilities are Waiting for Special Education Classes

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Over the past few years, more than 60 preschool special education programs closed around the State, including 30 in New York City. Many of these programs have pointed to the insufficient reimbursement rate paid by the State, making it hard for programs to recruit and retain special education teachers and run high-quality programs. To stop additional programs from closing and address this shortage, the State must increase reimbursement rates for preschool special education programs. 

We are pleased that the New York State Senate’s budget proposal calls for an increase of at least 4 percent for preschool special education programs, and the New York State Assembly’s budget proposal calls for an increase of at least 5 percent. We want to make sure that the State approves at least a 5 percent increase.

Take Action: Send an e-mail to Governor Cuomo and key members of the State Legislature asking them to ensure that preschool special education programs get at least a 5 percent increase in reimbursement rates this year to help address the shortage and ensure there is a preschool special education class seat for every child who needs one.

Please forward this e-mail to other New Yorkers who may be interested in taking action.

Source: Advocates for Children of New York