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Call Your State Representative TODAY and Tell Them to bFair2DirectCare!

The New York State Senate and Assembly are expected to announce their one-house budget proposals on Monday, March 11th. Please call your state Representatives TODAY and tell them to #bFair2DirectCare before time runs out! 

Find your New York State Senate and Assembly Members here

CALL and SAY: 

- I am a [DSP, Parent, Self Advocate, etc.] and a supporter of #bFair2DirectCare

- The developmental disabilities community is in a crisis because direct care workers can’t earn a living wage.

- Gov. Cuomo didn’t put funding in his budget. We need the funds.

- This worries me because [Insert reason why 
#bFair2DirectCare is important to you.] 
- Please include
#bFair2DirectCare living wage funding in your one-house budget! 
http://www.bfair2directcare Source: #bFair2DirectCare