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Support Our Stars

On Friday, November 16, 2018, DDI will be hosting its annual Stars Gala and Auction.  Over the past several years, this has become our largest fundraising event benefiting the services we offer to over 1,000 of our families who have loved ones with special needs.


For many friends of DDI, the need for fundraising may not be apparent.  I suspect many see DDI as an organization that already receives State funding for our programs and services.  But the fact is government sources only provide enough funding to meet the most basic needs of DDI and those in our care. 


Our adults, children and their families rightfully expect more than the basics and therefore we have only private fundraising as a way of paying for what our children, adults, and families truly need. 


Fundraising also serves to ensure we can provide for our hard-working staff and our aging facilities, since public funding does not allow us to offer competitive pay and benefits to attract and retain all of the talented professional staff that we need, nor pay for the upkeep of many of our buildings. 


How else does fundraising benefit DDI, you may ask?

Many people do not realize the challenges we face in meeting ever-increasing expenses, including health insurance for over 1,200 eligible employees, Workers Compensation coverage, utilities, liability, and casualty insurance, and employee recruiting, training and retention to keep pace with the high turn-over rate which is so common among agencies such as ours. 


Government funding sources do not keep pace with the rise in these costs.  In fact, the funding we receive through government sources has been relatively flat for the past decade while inflation certainly has not.


Our need is great, and your generosity is so vital.  That is why I am asking you to support our event in any way that you can.  Please consider joining us by purchasing tickets or tables of ten, placing an ad in our Gala Journal, or becoming a sponsor to help defray our event’s expenses.


Thank you for your consideration and hopefully, your generous support.



John Lessard

Executive Director