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Career Climbers

Staff Member Promotions
Every DDI employee touches the lives of the individuals and families we support. While our 1,900 employees have diverse roles, we are all inspired by our collective purpose to help children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities experience personal growth and fulfillment.
Please join us in congratulating these talented staff members for excelling in their roles and being promoted within the agency. They are a shining example of the potential you can achieve when you are people inspired by purpose.
Career Climbers Robyn Schaefer

This is Robyn’s third year working at DDI. She was promoted from Behavior Support Assistant to Behavior Support Worker II. Her favorite part about working for DDI is that she can really be herself here. She always tries to keep the mood positive and make sure her students and coworkers are happy to be at school. “This promotion means I am appreciated for all my effort and hard work as well as advancing my career. I am currently enrolled in a master’s program to become a BCBA. This promotion will allow for opportunities for me to gain the experience needed to feel confident in my studies and practice,” Robyn said.


Career Climbers Diandra Kemp

Diandra has been part of the DDI family since November 2010. She was promoted from Community Instructor 3 to Floating Manager for Adult Residential Services. “This work is very fulfilling because we serve so many residents that depend on us to make someone’s whole day every day and the opportunity is a special kind of privilege,” said Diandra. This promotion means that she has the opportunity to help as many people as she can every day – from the people we serve to her colleagues – and that is a great opportunity to help connect people across such a large agency so no one ever has to feel alone, especially during these trying times.

Career Climbers Summer Quigley

Summer has been part of the DDI family for ten months. She was promoted from Community Instructor 3 to Assistant Residential Manager. Her favorite part of working at DDI is meeting new people and getting to know and take care of the guys to make sure they’re healthy, happy, and improving every day. “This promotion means to me that I get to build my team and make sure we do great every day for ourselves and the guys. I’m very excited for my future here,” said Summer.


Jami Smiles


Jami has worked at DDI for almost two years now. She started in the Without Walls program as an Instructor 3 and now is working as a Job Developer. "I have always enjoyed working with this population, and I am so thrilled to be able to help guide the individuals I currently work with into a career path they enjoy,” said Jami. 


Career Climbers Laura Porter


Laura Porter started working at DDI on June 4, 2019. She started as an Applied Behavior Specialist and is now the Psychology Coordinator. Her favorite part about working for DDI is the emphasis placed on collaboration and teamwork. The focus is set on promoting independence and success for the individuals that we serve. “I am excited and look forward to adding my experiences to the DDI team in my new position. Thank you for the promotion,” Laura said.


Career Climbers Julia Lopez


Julia was promoted from a Floating Teacher to a Special Education Teacher.