Students and staff at the Children's Day Program had a howling good time at Hollywood Drive's Halloween festivties. There were a myriad number of activties and events to create enthusiasm for all. Students and staff dressed in the spirit of the day. Special awards were presented to Room 12, HR, Samantha Zackman, Tara Savino and Kaitlin Oaks for their costumes. Sue Cappelman also guessed the exact number of Tooise Rools in the jar, 262! APE staff ran an obstacle course in the gym, while Music, Tech, Art and Vocational staff conducted other special activities. There was a special double feature of Monsters University in the lecture hall for enthusiasts of the visual arts. Creatures and superheors of all sorts particpated in a trick or trick tour of the Hollywood Drive Campus, collecting a treasure of delious goodies. In summary it was a really ghoul day and everyone had a howl of a time.